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Increase your happiness through your home

Want to infuse your home with a little happiness, without having to go to extremes?  There are a few mystical, even if uncommon ways to bring positive energy and personal happiness to flow through out your house.

Crystal Energy Healing

There is just something about shiny rocks that appeals to me.  Crystals are a very subtle practice, setting crystals throughout a space is believed to affect the energy of a room, and those who inhabit it.  Sure, it sounds a little crazy to think rocks can affect mood, but proponents of crystal therapy believe in the beneficial effects of placing crystals in the home.

Crystal healers recommend trying hematite to protect the home from negative energy and black obsidian to absorb any negativity from others.  Want to bring in that loving feeling? Try sticking a rose quartz crystal in the common area, this light pink crystal brings feelings of love and joy wherever it is.

DoTerra Essential Oils

Ever walk into a friend’s home or your favorite yoga studio and immediately felt a sense of belonging?  That is probably due in part to the use of essential oils.  Essentials oils can be used to create a calm and balanced atmosphere.  Diffusing oils at home can purify the air, cleanse the energy and directly affect the mood of anyone who enters.  DoTerra offers relatively inexpensive, especially when diffused, pure essential oils in wide range of scents.  Play around with different combinations or choose one of their prepackaged blends to clear away negative energy, create a relaxing environment, remove allergens and even purify the air.


A Native American form of clearing energy in a space.  Energy can become stagnant after a while.  Some believe bad luck happens due to energy getting, figuratively stuck.  Smudging requires burning dried and fresh herbs such as sage, cedar, lavender and juniper while allowing the smoke to dissipate into the room to cleanse the energy of the space.  This process is deeply rooted in ceremony and should be researched as to how to practice properly.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui stems from how people interact with their environments.  The organization of a home, office, or personal space can deeply affect how one interacts with the world.  Feng shui practitioners believe that the space one lives in mimics the energy of the individual – so if a space is disorganized, messy, cluttered or closed off the inhabitant’s personality could mirror just that.  Start by clearing your space of junk and useless stuff.  Everything has energy in Feng Shui, so surround yourself only with items that have positive associations.  Arrange furniture so you and your guest can flow freely through the home.  There are several books on this subject but really just look around and change what doesn’t feel right to you.

To increase your personal happiness come join me for a mood boosting yoga session at Chandor Gardens every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 or at a Hiking Yoga session at LG Ranch.  For more information go to HealthyMeNow.Net or call me at 817-597-1503.  Hope to see you soon.  Loretta

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