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Give Your-Self some Love

It’s been said that we teach what we need to learn and so I write not as someone who has it all figured out, but rather as someone who is struggling to make sense of it all.

Exhausted, stressed, and irritated there just wasn’t enough of me to go around. I had been trying to do things for everyone else without taking care of me first.  I thought if I kept going, giving and doing, then one day I’d feel happy and I’d find my purpose. It never happened.

We search for happiness for our purpose, thinking that once we find the answer – that thing we are meant to do – we will find peace.  But as we look around, comparing ourselves to others, deciding what we think we ‘should’ be doing, we are rarely fulfilled and more often than not, exhausted by our efforts to fit in with the crowd.

So give yourself some love by setting the tone for your day, wake up to a soft light or a wind chime alarm.  Hit the snooze and snuggle under those blankets a little longer.  Scroll through facebo-NoNoNO

We’re at the mercy of the external world when we launch into the day without plugging into ourselves first. Before getting out of bed ask yourself  “How are you feeling today?”  Talk to yourself like you are your own best friend. If feeling a bit off, ask yourself how to get back on track. Ask what do I need to do and whatever it is, do it.

Take five minutes in the morning for meditation.  Just five minutes benefits you all day.  Meditation creates space for honesty in all its beautiful and brutal forms.  Be honest and listen to yourself, your needs.  Just listen! What makes you feel alive? What makes your heart sing? Follow whatever it is that brings you the most joy and share it with others because it is this shimmering passion that lights up the world and makes more of a difference than you can ever imagine!

Allow your perspective to shift as you spend more time with yourself.  Listen to your heart. Listen to your feelings. And that means all of them.  So pay attention, acknowledge what is present and embrace it all – embrace everything that makes you human, realize this is the only way to be.

And remember that whatever you do, you are not alone, ever. We live on this planet with billions of other people and are connected to an infinite source of love and support. We are not meant to struggle. Reach out for help and ask for what you need.  There is nothing you need to do or not do to be more or less worthy. Forget trying to be perfect and know that right now, you are perfect as you are.

If you’re anything like me – and yes, as I said, I am learning too – your mind may drift to every reason that this isn’t so, but if you can take a deep breath and look yourself in the eye with half the compassion and acceptance you so easily offer your best friend, then you’re well on your way to recognizing the truth of who you are.

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